altec profile

Alluhaidan Technical Electric Co. Ltd. (ALTEC) is a 100% Saudi Company dedicated to provide services for public, industry and utilities. The services include Electrical & Mechanical Construction works, Retrofit programs, Engineering, Testing and Commissioning of Control & Protection Panels in Middle East especially in Saudi Arabia.

Experience of years in different fields and close collaboration with qualified, international partners enable us to carry out extensive tasks under real time and cost efficient aspects. We are working with Areva (former Alstom), Schneider, ABB, Siemens, GE, Toshiba, Hitachi and other major power companies for different projects.

We offer our clients more than a high quality and reliable engineering services. In this dynamic, fast paced industry, we differentiate ourselves by bringing a high level of practical experience, exemplary client service, perfect integrity and complete accountability through every phase of the project.

We believe that success at any level stems from a team based approach that relies on a working environment of constant process evaluation and improvement that enables us to produce the best services possible.

We approach each project as an opportunity to differentiate ourselves from our competitors. Our success is entirely dependent on understanding what the customers need in their facility and providing a working solution to accomplish that.

In a nutshell, our platform for power technology products and services is to meet all customers' needs during the lifetime of products. We offer services like consulting, engineering as well as supply, production and project management. Installations, testing and commissioning and retrofit are part of our after-sales service. Compiling of sales documentation, transfer of technology and waste management after the products' lifetime; complete our wide business activities.

Our mission is to delight our customers by providing excellence in engineering services, value and results. We have built a world class and competitive team with challenging, rewarding and growth oriented work. Our values include integrity, respect for the individual, open and honest communication, partnering, innovation and excellence.